Start A Charter School

Interested in learning more about starting a charter school in the state of Utah with the State Charter School Board as your authorizer? You are in the right place.

Please review these items and contact SCSB staff if you have questions.
Process of starting a charter school
First assignment
SCSB board policy
Charter School Proposal
Students from Promontory
Your straightforward 10-step plan to start a Utah charter school (with the State Charter School Board as the authorizer).
Charter Proposal Phase:
Step 1
Watch the video and complete the first assignment
Step 2
Due Date: June 30
Step 3
Present proposal to the State Charter School Board
At the August SCSB board meeting
Step 4
Move forward based on official SCSB vote
Decided at the August SCSB board meeting
Charter Application Phase:
Step 5
Attend the MANDATORY post proposal bootcamp
Occurs at the end of August
Step 6
Attend pre-operational workshops
Offered August-January
Step 7
Present full application to the State Charter School Board
At the January SCSB board meeting
Step 8
Meet with the SCSB Staff to finalize the charter agreement
Occurs in February
Step 9
Continue to attend pre-operational workshops and complete the Readiness to Open Checklist
Offered February-August (18 months to opening)
Step 10
Hire a Director, transition to a supportive governing board leadership, enroll students, and enjoy your journey to becoming an innovative, highly accountable, high performing charter school (SCSB Core Values)
Continues as long as the school is operational
Still have questions about the process?
  Email Marie Steffensen
Board policy is a set of rules, guidelines, and principles established by a governing board or body to guide the actions, decisions, and conduct within an organization or institution. These policies are designed to provide a framework for governance, ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and set expectations for the organization's members or employees. Board policies often cover various areas such as ethics, financial management, human resources, and overall organizational behavior. They play a crucial role in maintaining consistency, transparency, and accountability within the organization.

Please read through the SCSB board policies and procedures.
Go To SCSB Policies and Procedures
Now until May 31:
  • Complete this training
  • Schedule Governing Board 1-1 with Support Team
  • Board Meeting/Possible Invitation to Apply
1. Put the governing board together
  • 5-7 members recommended
2. Produce 10 questions, your "Why a Charter School?", and 3 possible dates/times to meet for your 1v1
  • Include all of these in your email
3. Email the SCSB support team